Loving Shepherd Web Chapel and Counselling Center
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Hello, and welcome in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Just as sheep are lost without their shepherd, we are lost without OUR shepherd Jesus Christ. He truly is a loving shepherd. This site is for those who can't get out to a regular church, are still seeking answers, or those seeking just a little encouragement.

I am hoping that particularly for those housebound for whatever reason, they can see this site as a place to find such encouragement.

It is not my intention to replace anyone's regular church or clergy member. I simply want to reach out as Jesus has reached out to me.

On some of the other pages you will find out more about me and my background, and how I came to start this little chapel.

If you have found any help here, please feel free to tell your friends about our chapel.

God bless!
Chaplain Neale

Historic building; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Although Loving Shepherd Chapel exists only on the web,and not as a brick and mortar building, this is how it might look if it were. A simple old-fashioned church.


Mission Statement

The Mission of Loving Shepherd Web Chapel and Counselling Center is to offer a place where people who normally couldn't or wouldn't go to a regular church or chapel can find out about the Love of Jesus Christ.

It is a place where as a servant of God, I will do my best to offer hope, encouragement and inspiration.

By using this new technology, the Loving Shepherd Web Chapel and Counselling Center will be able to reach out and share the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. It also our aim to bring encouragement and hope to those seeking it.

It is a place to honor and glorify the name of Jesus.